The main cause of cervical cancer is an infection with the Human Papillomavirus. Other causes have been identified as being smoking, or an infection with the Human immunodeficiency virus.  We are elaborating the two most significant causes:
Human Papillomavirus:
HPV type 16 and 18 are the cause of 75% of cervical cancer cases while type 31 and 45 are the cause of another 10%. Promiscuity has been noted as a causative factor. Also having sexual relations with men who have several partners has been linked with incidence of cervical cancer. Of the 150 types of HPV that have been identified, 15 have been classified as high risk type, 3 as probable types and 12 as low risk types. Genital warts are known to have been caused by strains of HPV and indicate the possibility of development of cervical cancer in woman.


smoking has been linked with the incidence of cervical cancer. There are direct and indirect mechanisms through which cervical cancer develops in women. The direct method through which a female smoker gets the cancer is by developing CIN3 lesions. When these lesions cause cancer they are usually having the full support of the HPV virus.

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